Tribute to werewolves! Best of YouTube

Hollywood werewolves! Check it out! Presented here is an assortment of the Best YouTube videos that are dedicated to the Hollywood werewolves. Below you will find scenes from dozens from werewolf movies, some of which are not for the faint of heart. Werewolf movies are known mostly for blood and gore and can scare the daylights out of normal humans. Sit back, relax, and enjoy some werewolf movie footage!

This video has all kinds of different werewolf movie scenes:

Tribute to werewolves:

Compilation of werewolf films, paying tribute to the “howlers”!:

A video list of “some of the best werewolves of all time.”:

Video on “The Evolution Of Werewolves”:

Several different Werewolf Transformation Scenes:

These are not all the werewolf movies on YouTube, however, they are some of the best werewolf movie footage tributes that I could find. I hope you enjoyed the selection!



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