seeing is believing

Is it true that the only way to believe is to see? Is this the only way that you might be convinced? To actually see with your eyes the real life werewolf, the werewolf everybody says does not exist. And if you did see would you then believe? How is it that if you did see and nobody else saw that you could convince them otherwise? If you had to convince humans that the existence of werewolves among humans was a fact because you just encountered one, would you be able to do it? If you see do you believe?  If you believe do you see? Stop here, a world is near, imagine your here, believe me I’m there  



I am the second contributor to the ilovewerewolves home. Buddy is the first.

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  1. sabrefang says:

    Alright well I am back and yet still something is here. Anyways I am going to send you an email JC.

  2. sabrefang says:

    by the way JC i sent you an email please dont mind the long story lol

  3. JesusChrist says:

    its ok i get allot of long emails

  4. sabrefang says:

    hey man you’re popular hehe

  5. Silver says:

    Regarding the subject, if you believe and have yet to see does that mean anything?… if you don’t believe but you do see, what are you likely to do? i Belive in many things but im not sure i have the abilities myself, I’ve unknowingly done things but how i cannot say, im still unsure i did those things. if you believe hard enough does it happen? soo many questions few can answer.

  6. Daffy says:

    You realize there is a place called AFSWATTF which has a proboard that is ripping your blog and most other forums apart. You and all other otherkin forums are made to be the brunt of jokes. The only ones exempt is, otherkin.phenomena and otherkincommunity because some of their members are the ones at AFSWATTF. I have left most of them as it is no longer fun. Daffy the therian.

  7. lee ann says:

    Are we supposed to be afraid or something…?

  8. whitewolf says:

    hello werewolf i been reading books of paranormal in werewolf stories … i love to read those .. it gives me inspiration anyhow … i do believe and know they are out there somewhere probably up northern state who knows still have guts feeling it is out there …. i been getting lots of dreams of meeting werewolf i can not explain how i know it just plain guts … so write me i will probably check my email in few days so thanks for reading this and enjoy your day thank you from whitewolf ..

  9. truman2885 says:

    I want to become one. I have a heart condition and i am looking for a longer life. How do you become one

  10. Lee ann says:

    you have to be bitten I suppose or born with it.

  11. Breezy says:

    trust me i know, i’ve been one long enough….my mouth hurts bad 🙁

  12. knowledge seeker says:

    seeing isnt always believing sometimes believing is seeing. u know like when kids have imaginary friends or see monsters under the bed or in the closet i think its because they are more innocent and open minded and they actually see something their parents cant.

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