Shelter for the cursed

We seek shelter in many places. We look for comfort all around us. When the time comes we will find our home, we will find our place in the world. Werewolves have always managed to keep themselves hidden from most dangers, it seems they have lost peace. Werewolves know how to be at peace, but have struggled to find a home that is peaceful. Most of the times they are run out of the way by either humans or vampires. But there will be an end to this. The day will come when werewolves will be able to show themselves and not be afraid. They will overcome this struggle that has been going on for centuries. Often times it’s by choice of the werewolf to stay hidden to keep any conflicts and any unwanted confrontations out of their lives. The day will come when werewolves can be at peace, and people will be at peace with the werewolf.



I am the second contributor to the ilovewerewolves home. Buddy is the first.

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64 Responses

  1. Zakiya says:

    i love the beach!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Sabre says:

    Hey, I’ve noticed that I’m taking naps throughout the day and hardly sleeping at night, last night I got I think about 2 hours of sleep, I slept from 5 to 7 am and was wide awake even enough to get changed right away and do my morning run, anyone else having this experience? I was never a morning person, I hated mornings lol used to sleep till 1 in the afternoon(heavy sleeper) haha.

  3. jakar says:

    lol sabre lol

  4. jakar says:

    anyone on

  5. Sabre says:

    Say something funny? Remember I JUST found out what I am, so please if my questions are irrelevant to what I am let me know, I’m still in the learning process of all this.

  6. Sabre says:

    Sorry if I came off a bit chippy in that last post, however I am trying to learn.

    I’m just a bit mad because we went boating today, had a great time up until my dad got the funny idea to push me into the water…of course I love swimming and am completely at home in the water, the problem was I was winding up a rope for a balloon we were pulling(we had stopped) and half of it was still around my arm when I was pushed, my dad is still a strong hardy guy for his age and i got pushed past my arm and it tightened around my triceps and shoulder, being pretty big as my arms are the muscles reacted, tightened and popped my shoulder out of its socket, never happened before so it hurt like a B*TCH. While I was screaming like a little girl(not really but lol anyway, I did yell pretty loud though), the boat was dredging away, we weren’t anchored and the current was fast, before I knew it I was about 100 ft away from the boat far as I can tell, once it got through their thick skulls that I was both in pain and lost the use of my dominant arm keeping me from being able to swim back. They had to bring the boat back to get me(nobody even wanted to swim after me???) and I climbed the ladder on the rear and rested for a while. If you’ve never popped a shoulder back in a socket I hope you never have to, I hear it’s easier after a few times but still OUCH, I used an old technique, but instead of a wooden splint I used a steel fork(luckily I keep my teeth strong for just the occasion:)) I bent the fork I was biting so hard and managed to get it back in. After that it healed up pretty quickly, but I’m still p*ssed off it ruined the rest of my day…

    Oh well hope this was a nice little story time.

  7. Luka Firyx says:

    sorry for the long name. Just being a little retard.

  8. Sabre says:

    Hey, anybody on? I couldn’t connect to the site since my last post, thought it went down, that would’ve sucked.

  9. Zakiya says:

    just a little late

  10. Zakiya says:

    but im not really sleeping either

  11. Sabre says:

    I hit the gym 2 hours ago, just worked my legs because my arm is still messed up, popped it back in and it healed up but it’s just uncomfortable to use it, so I just did all the leg exercises i could find lol to kill time. Tomorrow I’m going with a friend of mine to Jerusalem, he’s based there(an MP-Military Police) very high ranked, counterpart of Lieutenant Colonel in the States, he is the supervisor of a range and he wants to see what I can do 😉

    My dad was quite a shot back in his day but lets see if the old man can compete with someone who studies small arms and ballistics(fancy name for I know how to handle maintain and fire about every hand held pee-shooter since WWI)

  12. Sabre says:

    Anyone on? I’m bored and am finally able to connect to any page on the site normally without refreshing 50 times to see anything, hope it stays that way 😛

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