should you believe in werewolves?

The most common argument from people who do not believe in werewolves is the one that goes like this…

“Do you physically transform into a werewolf? When the moon rises do you transform and have your claws and fangs and go around chasing people down like an animal. And when this happens have I seen it? I need to see you chasing people around with your furry paws, and big fangs, and huge claws, and drooling face, and I want to see you howling at the moon too!”

Humans love this argument, they love to say that unless they themselves can sit there, see, and watch a werewolf transform that they will never believe in it,  and therefore no other human being should believe in it since they do not. These non believers think that they must see for themselves a physical shift into some sort of wolf, mostly the stereotypical type wolf that has huge claws, fangs, and must terrorize people. But these are also the same people who do not need proof or can find “alien” videos on the internet and be like “oh that has got to be real” yet these werewolf non believers do not have to physically see the alien to believe, the internet is their proof. And unfortunately these are the same very non believers who do not believe in the divine being who created the world to begin with. Yet history is littered with stories of half man half animal beings dating back nearly the beginning of modern humans, and on top of that ancient religions of all sorts that most human beings believe in.

The physical shift argument.

Do non believers need to see a p-shift to believe it? No. Absolutely not. For one, the non believers, if they ever did see it would still never believe it. Commonly these humans would say that they needed to “see it again” or would would even go as far as to call themselves crazy before believing what their eyes and mind told them. For another, werewolves, modern day werewolves, mostly do not agree that sharing this personal experience with a human who cannot shift and does not believe in the shift to be worth it. The non believers will only bring negativity to the shift, this type of negativity can have negative effects on the transformation for a couple of reasons. If you do not truly believe you have no business around such a spiritual movement. If a non believer were to attend a shift the negative energy and non believing forces that emanate from his being will only hinder the process and most times the shift will not even happen. This is true for most spiritual movements and involvements, if you do not believe you cannot contribute and therefore should not be around.

Now, their defense to this would be something like “see you don’t want me there because it doesn’t happen.” But the fact is that if this non believer shows up to a spiritual shifting or transformation ceremony most likely the shift will not happen. The shift is intended mostly as a personal experience with only others who believe or can do it to attend, it is a ritual of a sort that must be contained to people who will not halt the process strictly to believers of the process. Unless the non believers all of the sudden can create a real belief in his heart, mind, and soul he or she should never attend a p-shift or m-shift. Take the negativity and disbelief elsewhere.

These very same humans who do not believe have been infiltrated by the Hollywood stereotype of the movie werewolf.

Their mind has been shaped and molded by the Hollywood zoo, too many movies and they think a werewolf is actually what you see at the theater. Any real werewolf can tell you that the movie werewolf is not a real werewolf, Hollywood werewolves are not the real werewolves. Yet this is what the non believer thinks of when they think about werewolves. It is not their fault, mass media infiltration has shaped their minds into thinking in a certain way and the way  that they think will never be broken they will forever be stuck to what the mass media tells them. They walk in a straight line, follow the rules that others set up and never stray off the beaten path of what they are told by these people. However the werewolf mind, one could say is an “old soul” that is not boxed in by the humans reality. Werewolves create their own boundaries of what can happen and what will happen. The werewolves are the ones who succeed and prosper because they are not limited to the imagination of others and create no limit to what they can do in this world.

Weighted ones are not limited by the rules the humans create, rather werewolves have no limits.

Human stuck in box

Non believers can be stuck inside the box and werewolves and the believers will forever be thinking outside the box, they will shape this world into what they believe in, not into something that “others” think it has to be because their mind cannot go beyond what it was trained to do.

Their (nonbelievers) mind is limited. Where a werewolf mind and the mind of the believer has endless possibilities in this world.

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138 Responses

  1. first timer says:

    hi this is my first time being on this site and ive been doing some occasional research on werewolves. I read that around puberty native americans would dream about there spirit animal and thats what they would become or something like that, (sorry if this is wrong) but i used to have dreams about being a wolf running through the woods, in the city, etc. but now i just get headaches and few dreams what does this mean.
    Please respond

  2. Lisa says:

    I think those that don’t believe or need proof are a product of today’s society. On the other hand those that are natural believers for one reason or another are what keeps the world going. People have to understand that all though mythical creatures have been around for all time and then some they have learned to survive in this world. There is a reason for not wearing a flashing neon sign saying ” I am a were, vampire, or other”. They want to stay alive just like the rest of the population. So for those that don’t believe back up and find something else to take up your time. For those that are stay safe.

  3. Veronica says:

    I think I’m a werewolf but I don’t know what to believe , how will I know I’m a werewolf other than a full transformation , I’ve had something that was like the start of a transformation yesterday night and my 12 birthday was on friday but I’m not sure if it was really one . Also is it possible to be a hybrid (werewolf+vampire) because my friend thinks she might be one . Also how will I know who are other werewolfs because I want people I can talk to and that I know are for sure about being a werewolf

  4. Lycanhope says:

    @Veronica: I think hybrids exist, but my knowledge on vampires is slim at best so don’t quote me on that.

    Once you know what to look for, behaviour and what not, I suppose it’s possible to tell who is a werewolf/whatever. But a)You might be wrong, and b) They might not know it yet, so it’s a lot easier not to bother.

    As to you being a werewolf, that’s a hard one to answer. I can’t ask you specific things, because that might influence your answer into something you want to believe rather than the truth.
    I suppose the safe questions are why do you want to be a werewolf and what do you expect to get from this?

  5. zach Smite says:

    i had a dream for the longest time when i was about 6 of this massive wolf in my house that just dominated me, it scared me. then one day i stood up for myself and the wolf was the one who cowered…. any clue if this means anything?

  6. she wolf says:

    @zach Smite: It means that someone is dominating you at the present time then one day you will just realize that you are already dominating the other one without knowing.

  7. Fenrir says:

    hey i believe in these type of thing ive always wanted to be one does anyone have answers?

  8. Norah says:

    I do fully belive in werewolves and i have no doubt that they exist and i also believe in all of thoes other supernatural beings.

  9. Rick says:

    I’m a believer myself, and in fact know that it’s real and if it wasn’t for being born with a severe case of spina bifida, then having my left leg amputated I’d be able to shift myself! When you dream about being a wolf, running through the woods, or city, or both this is the spirit wolf inside of you trying to communicate with you and if you don’t learn to listen you may never get the gift yourself! I knew when I was being chased in my dream night after night then turned to face the wolf and it jumped inside of me, and it was from that point on that I knew!

  10. selma says:

    all of this is lies you make us seem as bad people we are not and none of you know anything you don’t wanna be a supernatal creature I have hunted for as long as I live I cant even tell anyone what I am don’t trust NO ONE!!!!!

  11. Lupe says:

    @Selma: Shh.. it’s ok sweetie. I know you mean well, but I don’t think this is the place for that kind of discussion. All those people are long gone, so your message won’t do much. I agree, “supernatural creatures” as you’d call them wouldn’t logically be all bad.

    I don’t agree with the rest, you are clearly confused on what “werewolves” actually are, not to mention their “nature.” By nature, I mean how they work in reality. This isn’t against you or anything, just thought I’d let you know before you seen any less genuine.

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