Silver Bullets vs Lone Ranger

Silver bullets have been associated with werewolves not only in movies, but also in alot of werewolf folklore.  Werewolf folklore says that werewolves are vulnerable to silver.  When humans discovered this, they developed the silver bullet as a means to safely destroy the werewolf as it was easier to project a silver bullet when confronted with a werewolf than to get close enough to use a silver blade. There is alot of debate on whether or not werewolves are actually vulnerable to silver, and if so to what degree.

Lone Ranger and silver bullets?
Because of the belief that humans have that werewolves are vulnerable to silver bullets, werewolf hunters have traditionally used them.

But besides werewolf hunters, silver bullets are also famous for a secondary reason – the Lone Ranger used silver bullets!  The Lone Ranger did not use silver bullets because he was a werewolf hunter – although this would certainly have been an interesting twist. He used silver bullets because silver was extremely valuable, and so was life…he believed he should therefore always use his silver bullets sparingly. The Lone Ranger actually was obsessed with silver – he also had a horse named Silver! Have you heard the expression “Hi-yo Silver away!” – this was the expression that the Lone Ranger would use when he was done someplace and headed to the next place. (For those of you who don’t know who he was, the Lone Ranger was a TV show about a cowboy-like man from the Old West.  He wore a mask, had a sidekick named Tonto, and righted injustices wherever he went.  He was called the Lone Ranger because he was actually a Texas Ranger.  Texas Rangers were mounted riflemen whose job was to protect the Texas frontier in the mid 1800s.)



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7 Responses

  1. Todd says:

    ai yes the lone ranger lol but the reality of silver bullits is if you are not trained properly to fell the kick back of the gun to agust to the next shot will curve and soo on its almost imposible to hit a target dead on at a distence of over 15 ft” even for the most trained snipers and gun men. you have to be speshaly trained to have atlest a “beeter chance” to hit it right on but its usualy 1in” with a trained person with untrained any were form 5 in to a whole 300ft! its not the best of choices

  2. Aplha wolf Rayne says:

    its always amusing when people think they can destroy us so easily

  3. Jeremy says:

    aaa Rayne your a Werewolf aren’t you also i have to agree with Todd it is close to impossible to hit a target with silver bullets hey are there any pack in Australia?i’m not insulting anyone tho.

  4. Todd says:

    yes it is amusing to watch rayne

  5. stunnamike says:

    I’m a lone ranger and a werewolf.. ha real talk.. I’m trying to meet some other wolves in Cincinnati

  6. Laika says:

    I’m not even sure silver bullets work on real werewolves, to be honest. Are any of you from Indiana? As far as I know, I’ve got the only pack in a couple hundred miles, maybe more

  1. August 25, 2012

    […] were one of the original ideas to be in the new movie the Lone Ranger….! I’ve known this for a while, but didn’t really know if they had decided to put […]

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