Skinwalker Ranch Werewolf Sightings

Skinwalker Ranch is located in Utah and borders the Ute skinwalker ranch sightingsIndian Reservation. For about 50 years it has been the location of a number of paranormal sightings – so many that it is sometimes called “UFO Ranch“. Interestingly, there have reportedly also been werewolf sightings at Skinwalker Ranch as well.

UFO, Paranormal, and Poltergeist Activities

Odd activities that have been reported by previous owners of the ranch include hovering lights, odd sounds coming from the ground, doors slamming, and objects disappearing and reappearing. While at first these seem like UFO or alien phenomenon, or a ghost-haunting, the reports of activity at the ranch get stranger, and depart from the typical alien or poltergeist reports.

Reportedly there have also been cattle mutilations, odd wolf-like creature sightings, and sightings of a creature that looked like Big Foot. One of the creatures that was sighted by a previous resident of the ranch was impervious to bullets that was shot at it. A bullet-proof creature? Could it be a werewolf?

Investigations to the cause
A number of investigations have been done on the ranch to try to determine what is at work, and what people are seeing, but everything remains inconclusive. Possible theories behind the strange activities at the ranch include that the location may be an old military testing area or that it may be the location of alien and UFO activity. Others say that the location has “portals” that allow the unusual creatures which have been sighted on the ranch to cross through. Still others say that it is everyone’s overactive imagination. But could so many people be making this up?

What is the truth about Skinwalker Ranch?
Investigators are still trying to figure out what is really going on at Skinwalker Ranch, and it is clear many think that there is indeed something going on.  What though is still unclear.

It is somewhat unusual to have accounts of paranormal activity related to UFOs in addition to werewolf sightings in the same place and location. Usually it’s one or the other – alien sightings and poltergeist activity do not often go hand in hand with werewolf sightings.  So could there possibly be something out there roaming around mimicking the look and activities of the werewolf, but is nothing of the kind? The wolf-like bullet-proof creature sightings may therefore very likely not be werewolves at all, but something else altogether.



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  1. Cowboy says:

    I believe in the posibility of the existence of were wolves but still lack concrete evidence if they are real i would like to be one if it was something controlable and i could think and fuction like i can now i most definately would like to on a hunt for them not a killing hunt but a reserch hunt if any ones going i live in columbia sc my email is [email protected] let whats going on out thier

  1. October 5, 2011

    […] If the Men in Black are aliens as many conspiracy theorists presently believe, then perhaps werewolves are experiments of aliens, or being monitored by aliens. […]

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