Finally, finally, finally!! Werewolf talk!!

There is a new werewolf movie coming out on August 10th titled Skin Walkers. I have seen some of the stills, not the trailer yet, from the official movie site and have not decided if I like the way the werewolves look. Its not like the american werewolf was. They seem to look like they have more human characteristics than werewolf. When a human turns into a werewolf I believe they should take on full characteristics of the wolves. Some of the stills show the werewolf still wearing clothes! I even saw one movie still of the wolf wearing a belt!!? Am I missing something here? What is happening to the wolves?! It seems there will be two organization of these wolves in the movie, one battling for evil, the other site in the battle for education and health reform!! Not really, but might as well be!! typical plot for an almost typical werewolf movie. Good vs Evil, Skinwalkers.
Skin Walkers



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  1. morgan says:

    Evolution…Evolution. can’t have the werewolves be the only species that doesn’t evolve..ha ha.
    I’m with you though..i always prefer a full on, freak me out and teriify me version over a half monster with human characteristics….hmmmm wait maybe that is more scary

  1. August 25, 2007

    […] SkinWalkers comes out in theaters today! What is SkinWalkers? […]

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