so you think you dont believe in werewolves

From time to time we get some people on here that say that want to know how can / why do people people believe in werewolves. They say that the belief in werewolves is a ridiculous one. They say that werewolves don’t exist.

I want to address those commenters that think that just the very belief in werewolves is ridiculous.  And I’ll start by pointing to the fact that there are whole religions that are based upon the belief in animal / human creatures. There are whole cultures and civilizations that have espoused these ideas – cultures that predate our modern society.  These beliefs are as ancient as the human race….starting way back with prehistoric religions – archaeologists have shown that Middle Paleolithic societies practiced totemism (a kinship or relationship with a “spirit” animal). A look at Mesoamerican religions is full of half human / half animal beliefs – and we find many figurines, statues, and representations depicting these half human / half animal gods and beings.  A look at ancient Egyptian religions reveals even more half animal / half human beliefs.  In fact, one of the oldest statues in the world – the Great Sphinx of Giza – represents a half human, half lion (body of a lion, head of a woman, wings of a bird).  Hindu religion is full of half animal / half human deities. I could keep naming religions, but the fact is that most iconic religions (religions that use images) represent their gods as half human half animal.  And this is just religion.  I haven’t even touched on the the myths, legends, stories, folklore, reports, and sightings that abound.

So to those who ridicule the belief in werewolves, do you also ridicule these many religions that have centered their whole belief system around half animal / half human gods?   I hope not.  Millions upon millions of people have held these beliefs going back as far as humans have been around.  And the fact is, it is newer to believe in nothing, than to believe in something.  So those of you who believe in nothing are the minority.  And I encourage you to keep an open mind as you are here, and consider the millions of people before you throughout the world and history that have found some reason to believe in half human / half animals.



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