so you think you dont believe in werewolves

From time to time we get some people on here that say that want to know how can / why do people people believe in werewolves. They say that the belief in werewolves is a ridiculous one. They say that werewolves don’t exist.

I want to address those commenters that think that just the very belief in werewolves is ridiculous.  And I’ll start by pointing to the fact that there are whole religions that are based upon the belief in animal / human creatures. There are whole cultures and civilizations that have espoused these ideas – cultures that predate our modern society.  These beliefs are as ancient as the human race….starting way back with prehistoric religions – archaeologists have shown that Middle Paleolithic societies practiced totemism (a kinship or relationship with a “spirit” animal). A look at Mesoamerican religions is full of half human / half animal beliefs – and we find many figurines, statues, and representations depicting these half human / half animal gods and beings.  A look at ancient Egyptian religions reveals even more half animal / half human beliefs.  In fact, one of the oldest statues in the world – the Great Sphinx of Giza – represents a half human, half lion (body of a lion, head of a woman, wings of a bird).  Hindu religion is full of half animal / half human deities. I could keep naming religions, but the fact is that most iconic religions (religions that use images) represent their gods as half human half animal.  And this is just religion.  I haven’t even touched on the the myths, legends, stories, folklore, reports, and sightings that abound.

So to those who ridicule the belief in werewolves, do you also ridicule these many religions that have centered their whole belief system around half animal / half human gods?   I hope not.  Millions upon millions of people have held these beliefs going back as far as humans have been around.  And the fact is, it is newer to believe in nothing, than to believe in something.  So those of you who believe in nothing are the minority.  And I encourage you to keep an open mind as you are here, and consider the millions of people before you throughout the world and history that have found some reason to believe in half human / half animals.



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93 Responses

  1. WaterfallWolf says:

    Poor buddy

  2. spiked wolf says:

    i vote buddy sorry meaghan

  3. spikedwolf says:

    hi same person

  4. WaterfallWolf says:

    You talking to me spikedwolf?


    All that we are is an illusion

  5. Aconissa says:

    I vote Lunar (sorry Meaghan and Buddy)

  6. Alexis says:

    I vote for buddy! lol XD

  7. WaterfallWolf says:

    I got verified!

  8. strangeR says:

    To be honest, you people believing in werewolves is okay, it cannot affect or change anything that is mainstream, for the mere fact that no one in the mainstream world would give you the time of day. They would call you crazzy and I do not blame them. I don’t think you are alltogether healthy people; I don’t think you think right, but the correct meddiccation and care may make you see that you are acting irrational. This is your world, no one is going to give you the keys to the white house, nor make you doctors. You are all too mentally distturbed. Change your ways, or else ilovewerewolves shall be your only place of acceptance.

  9. spikedwolf says:

    why dont you just leave if u going to hate on everyone strangeR

  10. WaterfallWolf says:

    @Aconissa: *gives hi-five*

    @strangeR: Perhaps you are right then again perhaps we “People” are happy with how we are. See strangeR I think we all are proud of who we are and for what we have done, all of you who aren’t happy with yourselves I’m sorry and hope you wil some day except yourself. Also strangeR I am indifferent about your comments because everyone has a right to think what and how they want to.

  11. spikedwolf says:

    i totaly agree

  12. Aconissa says:

    @WaterfallWolf: hear hear. People have religions, some think they’re true others don’t. This is a belief. If you don’t believe in it then fine StrangeR, just leave us alone.

  13. strangeR says:

    Acconissa, nobody is downing anybody’s religion. If you say you believe werewolves exist somewhere ( how that is a religion I don’t know) but if you say werewolves exist it is not the same as saying god exists. God is supposed to be unseeable, invisible. Werewolves apparently are supposed toi be real flesh and blood and can be seen. But we never ever see any damm werewolves. Added to that some of you actually say you turn into wolves. Now tell me acconissa, does that sound like the kind of thing a rational person would say? Now let’s pressume you are rational, then why haven’t you or any of your imaginary friends shown proof. The greatest proof would be of course for some one to actually see a werewolf. But people only see them on tv. This is entertainment, it isn’t real Acconissa. The creators buddy and werewolf967 have actually said this. Listen, I am willing to bet all my inheretance money, and all the houses left to me that none of you will never never never turn into what you call a wolf, because things like that do not happen. You are just a human being like I am.

  14. Shadow Howler says:

    Just go away!Dam*, you’re just like that freakin’ Reasearcha

  15. spikedwolf says:

    starangeR if u r so into downing everyones cool on this website just leave and make a hater website with ur hater friends

  16. sb99 says:

    (sigh) this is boring

  17. WaterfallWolf says:

    Sorry guys I have been out dealing with something personal.

    @strangeR, and everyone else: Ok listen we all have diffrent thoughts and ideas. strangeR you are right some people here are crazy but you are also wrong because some of us are very spiritual and have shifted in some form of way or are close to what we think is (in my opinion) the truth about are lifes and solutions to problems we have or are confronting. Everyone else we are right to think what we think we are this way for a reason nobody and nothing can ever hold us back and stop us. But friends we are wrong to insult and put down those who wish to do so. Someday I hope we can all be friends and work together to create a world that accepts us for what we believe in and for so of us are. This world is filled with to much hate and I can no longer stand it. So friends, foes let us help each other so we can help ourselves. Thank you for reading this and I hope you all see the truth in what has been said today.

    This is all my opinion.

  18. strangeR says:

    I can live with that, waterfall wolf my friend. Thankyou for the mature reply.

  19. WaterfallWolf says:

    Anytime anytime.

  20. zach says:

    lol i believe in werewolves !

  21. zach says:

    sorry preston i gtg dude bye ttyl, like tomarow

  22. Aconissa says:

    @strangeR: Why must you have turned your comment into a barrage of insults towards us and brags about your fortune? Until you had begun that I thought what you were saying was very rational and agreeable. Anyway, some people claim to have seen god, so you’re “god-is-invisible” hypothesis is invalid. People have not only claimed to have seen werewolves, but also claim to be werewolves. Do you see many people claiming to be god? I thought not. And just so you know, I am completely rational and do not claim to be a werewolf, because as far as I know, I am not currently one.

  23. Aconissa says:

    @strangeR: Please refrain from adding personal comments against me, they are annoying and worthless. We are not here to bag others.
    People have claimed to have seen god, so your “god-is-invisible” hypothesis is invalid. There are people here who say they have seen and are werewolves. And most of their descriptions of themselves are the same. How is it that so many discovered the same idea when it is not the mainstream idea of werewolves? And anyway, how can you say god is real without any visual proof of him? Sure, you may say the same for werewolves, but werewolves don’t try to make themselves known as the so-called creator and supreme ruler of the universe. And for the record, I am completely rational and do not claim to be a werewolf, because as far as I know, I am not currently one.

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