softer side of the werewolf

Is there such a thing? A softer side of the werewolf? A werewolf who has feelings? Emotions other than anger?

There is the soft side to werewolves when in werewolf form. It is possible and very likely a werewolf will pass obstacles that will force him or her to make tough decisions. The decisions will have to be made taking into account how big of a threat the obstacle is and how important it would be to either ignore the obstacle or tackle the obstacle with full force. At times a werewolf in werewolf form will not make any hesitations. These times include when the werewolf in werewolf form is already pumped with adrenaline. The times where the werewolf has already been or is about to be in an altercation. These are the times where the werewolf will not think logically but instinctually. But there is a soft werewolf in werewolf form, he is the wolf who is: experienced, freshly transformed, or busy.

But don’t underestimate how instinctual werewolves are to nature and everything around him.



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18 Responses

  1. Suki Foxx says:

    i believe it is possible because kitsune can be and well were similar

  2. lee ann says:

    hey suki saw a fox yesterday! It was eating a mouse

  3. Well, werewolves are a lot like humans. there are some good and bad humans, same with werewolves. Therefor, werewolves have a soft side. We arent all evil, and out to kill. (like those werewolves in the final fantasy games.)

  4. Rayne says:

    depends on who you talk to we all need to kill in order to survive…. its called hunting and territory

  5. jakar says:

    yes ur right

  6. Vulkan says:

    one-wolf pack in a massive uncontested territory… so much fun :))

  7. blood rage says:

    wearwolve think logicall or at least the ones i know they are more or less indians from back before they were corrupted they live with the land rather than off it they are willing to share and are nice group and i have not been attacked by one yet ive even been blessed by the sight of seeing one transform it is amazing and uunexplanible in words.

  8. Sabrefang says:

    We think logically as well as beyond logic 🙂

  9. jakar says:

    i love p shifting heheheheheheheheheh

  10. Jo=me(hates Astinah) says:

    good for you then lol

  11. Re-searcha says:

    Why would you make a post about thinking logically, and how a werewolf has a softer side, if not because you are referring to the bestial angry savage werewolves on television. But in related posts a lot of you were going on about how werewolves aren’t depicted well on television. Some of you even said that when a werewolf transforms it is just like a wolf only slightly bigger. But it is still just a wolf. Now you lot are going on about how you can calm a werewolf that looks like the one in movies? hahaha. I told you that you were not mentally sound, the lot of you. GET YOUR STORIES STRAIGHT, it would serve as a better persuasive tool than jumping back and forth and making clowns of yourselves., you Pinocchio’s. lol

  12. jenna = not one for ur bs says:

    researcha wow pinocchios? why dont u shut ur vagina (and by vagina i mean face) and listen iff allll uu everrr doo is be an annoyance and a huge f****** b**** do it else where no one cares honestly youre just annoying me you smart a** please just leave god we all hate you just go no one listens to you you just waste our time and you are wasting all of your pathetic life behind a stupid computer screen talking about other people you dont even know so go outside and get rid of those stomach rolls and forget about this blog which you find so pointless because you are pointless to use bloggers as well

  13. Lunar says:

    Come see the softer side of sears I mean werewolves
    Sorry 🙁 Cheesy I know but that’s what the title made me think of.
    very well written and interesting werewolf967

  14. Vyctor j t says:

    Nice to see someone has a mind on this site btw werewolf 967 how exactly did you think of such a remarkable article

  15. Kitty1shapeshifter1 says:

    I took a quiz and it said I’m a werewolf I’m a girl I have hair on my legs and arms also I don’t sleep I don’t remember anything about last night (not just this night ever since I opened my eyes) and I am always the soft side I’ve gone though not having a mother she left when I was born anyways awesome I wanna be a mermaid though :/ well it’s pretty cool though

    • Kitty1shapeshifter1 says:

      Sorry a bit of anger AND YOU CANT FREAKING JUDGE ME

  16. Kitty1shapeshifter1 says:

    My user is wierd

  17. Mark||Blood of lycaon||related to lycaon says:

    the sad thing is im a werewolf with motible emotions and my anger and rage is bigger but im diffrent im a werewolf i just am calm so i dont go into form some times if i keep it up and dont think abbout nothing i wont form some how.

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