Spells To Become A Werewolf

There are no spells to become a werewolf . I know there are websites out there saying that there are certain incantations that you can do, or songs that you can sing under the full moon. There aren’t. The truth is that the werewolf disease is an infection caused by a virus as discussed in earlier posts on this blog. There are some werewolf myths and legends that say that sorcerers and witches learned certain spells to transform humans into different animals. This is all in the realm of fiction and sci-fi. The truth is that werewolf syndrome is a real disease that simple words cannot bring on.



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16,803 Responses

  1. Werewolf201 says:

    That virus/sickness of the werewolf thing is so hard to go through sometime

  2. someone says:

    Somehow this makes me laugh . But its true 🙂

  3. NC Wedding says:

    obviously like your web site but you have to take a look
    at the spelling on several of your posts. Several of them
    are rife with spelling problems and I find it very bothersome to inform the reality nevertheless I will definitely come again again.

  4. werewolves are cool they are animals they are runners and they run in the wild around the world:)

  5. anyone in werewolf form in 2016

  6. people who watch YouTube please check out my sisters softball video its awesome she would love for people to check it out when you go on you just type natalie munson and you will find the video please please see it 🙂

  7. who likes werewolves I do 🙂

  8. Alpha says:

    First off erika munson, please dont spam, think about what you want to say then say it in one message. Secondly werewolf201, there is no virus that you go through, this goes for you too someone. Also there are no spells to become one.

  9. swae says:

    Werewolves are real…As much as the Fourth Lineage of my clan believed we are cursed into vampirism…its a rather dull subject.Near are the days you will see every creature in the spiritual realm only needs a belief to spring out.Beware what you wish for…humans **


  10. thric charis says:

    2weeks and 3days ago i said two different werewolf spells on fully visible full moon and around two days ago had a dream in which i was attacked by a white werewolf could it be my wolf form? i haven’t been my self recently could the spells be working?

  11. Amber Whitaker says:

    So how can someone become a werewolf? By being bitten or only by being born one?

  12. Cursed Alpha Hybrid says:

    Thric charis hi. What are the spells you did?

  13. Porthe says:

    What if there are variations of this disease that are in bodily fluids. It would explain some of the possible ways to get infected like through bite, drinking down river from wolf’s (possibly a carrier?) And drinking the water in a wolf’s paw print (skin oil/sweat).

  14. Porthe says:

    Then again you can’t believe everything.

  15. FlameStrikes says:

    Is it true that if you got bitten or scratch do you transform into one

  16. JoeLupe says:

    @FlameStrikes unfortunately no. The most it will do for you is give you clinical lycanthropy (medical disorder where you believe your a werewolf or are in the process of turning into one) so the best you can do is accept your human and just enjoy being the best you that you can be, instead of letting others make you feel bad for being human. Being human isn’t all that bad…. then again what would I know about being human, when I’m obviously not like everyone else?

  17. FlameStrikes says:

    @JoeLupe thx

  18. JoeLupe says:

    @FlameStrikes do you have anymore questions?

  19. Ashley Smith says:

    Hi all, so i love both wereful and vampire and im looking to get turned into either one. Im 26 and my health is failing (very honest here cross my heart and well might die soon) so please if anyone out there can help me drop me a text 18062203532

  20. Robbie.J.M says:

    Hi I’d like to become one please. Ive wanted this for so long and would love to become one.

  21. Mckenzie says:

    Nice respond in return of this matter with real arguments and describing the whole thing on the
    topic of that.

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