spotting a werewolf

Standing next to another werewolf I felt an energy, I felt the heat.

I recently stood within arms reach of another werewolf, a werewolf that was in human form – a weighted one. I’m not sure if it felt the same energy that I felt, I’m not sure if it felt the same identification as I did. I’m wondering if this a particular gift or if this is common in most werewolves. I felt the extreme energy emanating along with an excessive amount of heat. This is how I knew it was, a weighted one (werewolf in human form), I knew what it was…



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23 Responses

  1. SabreWind says:

    hmm see usually I see certain spirit signs but that also works too actually one interesting thing you might have is when you touch an item belonging to ones with spirituality your hand burns for a few seconds, it identifies a spiritual gift of someones

  2. Cas says:

    i usually feel weird when among others

  3. Werewolf LeaAnn says:

    heh, no I think that, the being able to tell if others are werewolves , is a common thing. Now, it is not always in the way you described, but thats happened to me before…

  4. Chelsie says:

    Sorri ,not to b rude or n e thing, but werewolves are not things/its. Their people. Living beings give of energy and/or reproduce. and I’m pretty sure they do. as this website says that they can do both.
    Not to be mean, just trying to prove a point.

  5. TaYlOr WoLf Of NeW says:

    hi what up?

  6. Jenna says:

    Nothing much you?

  7. TaYlOr WoLf Of NeW says:

    same old, same old.

  8. TaYlOr WoLf Of NeW says:

    Were did Kilroy and Rayne go?

  9. TaYlOr WoLf Of NeW says:

    o well.

  10. TaYlOr WoLf Of NeW says:

    what i miss?

  11. Jenna says:

    rayne is on the previois page we were chatting on lol

  12. TaYlOr WoLf Of NeW says:

    i was just there. he didnt respond at all!

  13. TaYlOr WoLf Of NeW says:

    lol. Kilroy?

  14. TaYlOr WoLf Of NeW says:

    did he disapear or is he over there 2.

  15. Jenna says:

    nu uh he came back at 8:50 lol im not blind and hello how do you think i knew when to come on?? lol precognition does not always fail hun


  16. TaYlOr WoLf Of NeW says:

    That is so cool! how do you do that?wow thats, amazing.

  17. TaYlOr WoLf Of NeW says:

    sorry, brb.

  18. Jenna says:

    its a gift it doesnt always turn out the way you think, and it can sometimes fail but most of the time it doesnt 🙂

  19. TaYlOr WoLf Of NeW says:

    ok im back, sorry bout that.

  20. TaYlOr WoLf Of NeW says:

    you still on?

  21. Rose Werewolf says:

    You actually know a werewolf? Where can they be found???

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