steps for werewolf self control

How to be the bigger Wolf.

For the werewolves to put the history of how vampires and humans have singled out the werewolves as being the enemy behind them, the wolves will need self control…

Werewolves don’t necessarily have envy towards vampires, but sometimes they do towards the full blooded humans. The werewolves must put the history behind them in order to make a mutual friendship with the Vampires and humans.

Being the bigger wolf will be easier to do towards the humans; however, to look past the history and relationship the wolves have had with the vampires it will take more will power to accomplish.

The werewolves must work on their own personal powers to accomplish this task. Werewolves and Vampires can live together if the wolves dedicate themselves to improving their “self.”

Here are some tips for when you confront a Human or Vampire who dislikes and or belittles the werewolves:

  1. Be the bigger wolf. -Not literally, this is about attitude, don’t let them get to your nerves
  2. If they call you names smile back at them. – There are times when a Vampire and or human will call you a “furry drool machine,” when they do this act like you like it and smile back at them.
  3. Remember, when a Vampire picks on you it’s because they envy the werewolves, they are insecure.
  4. When provoked, take no action.- If they try to get your into a confrontation, don’t do it- walk away.
  5. Vampires spill rude comments more than blood because they are jealous of the werewolves- just keep that in mind.

Self-control is difficult for a wolf as we all know. Monthly occurrences are evidence of the trouble the Lycans have with their own self control. This only means that the Lycans already have experience and can master the art of self control easier than most, maybe even easier than humans.



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85 Responses

  1. Somnium says:

    anybody hier?

  2. spiked wolf says:

    Lee Ann i feel srry for u

  3. @spiked wolf: Do you realize that was posted last year? That’s old news, and those fetus(es) didn’t make it anyway. The Tom guy was executed brutally, and everyone lived happily ever after..
    Learn to read the friggen time and date posted -.-

  4. strangeR says:

    Steps for werewolf self control? What does that statement mean? Self control as in angermanagement? Or does it mean self control of something else? But most importantly, how exactly was this person, this lee ann spiritually attacked and violated? Because my father is a scientist and thinks all this is so silly.

  5. laura says:

    Spiritually attacked?

  6. @strangeR: Partially anger management but also moral self control and/or social self control…

    Scientists, especially social scientists understand that for many centuries humans have created alternate “worlds.” Whether everyone believes in these constructed worlds is a different matter. Nevertheless it has been happening for as long as recorded history.

  7. strangeR says:

    Ahh my father said you hit the nail right on the head. He says, YES, these worlds are created in weak peoples minds, that they cannot handle the real world. So they make belief to be werewolves, and getting spiritually rapped. I also think its a loadd of rubbish. But as long as no one is saying they are dracula, I’m okay.

  8. @strangeR: lol… be careful! Someone might say they are Dracula!

    Some of the greatest civilizations were the “weak” ones, with different “spiritualities” or trains of thought that paved the way for us to be here today! 😉

    ….I think most of us here are having fun..

  9. spiked wolf says:


  10. Ella says:

    Hi,I just wanted to know that if the werewolf had trouble controlling themselves in wolf form,that maybe there could be a way to help them

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