steps for werewolf self control

How to be the bigger Wolf.

For the werewolves to put the history of how vampires and humans have singled out the werewolves as being the enemy behind them, the wolves will need self control…

Werewolves don’t necessarily have envy towards vampires, but sometimes they do towards the full blooded humans. The werewolves must put the history behind them in order to make a mutual friendship with the Vampires and humans.

Being the bigger wolf will be easier to do towards the humans; however, to look past the history and relationship the wolves have had with the vampires it will take more will power to accomplish.

The werewolves must work on their own personal powers to accomplish this task. Werewolves and Vampires can live together if the wolves dedicate themselves to improving their “self.”

Here are some tips for when you confront a Human or Vampire who dislikes and or belittles the werewolves:

  1. Be the bigger wolf. -Not literally, this is about attitude, don’t let them get to your nerves
  2. If they call you names smile back at them. – There are times when a Vampire and or human will call you a “furry drool machine,” when they do this act like you like it and smile back at them.
  3. Remember, when a Vampire picks on you it’s because they envy the werewolves, they are insecure.
  4. When provoked, take no action.- If they try to get your into a confrontation, don’t do it- walk away.
  5. Vampires spill rude comments more than blood because they are jealous of the werewolves- just keep that in mind.

Self-control is difficult for a wolf as we all know. Monthly occurrences are evidence of the trouble the Lycans have with their own self control. This only means that the Lycans already have experience and can master the art of self control easier than most, maybe even easier than humans.



I am the second contributor to the ilovewerewolves home. Buddy is the first.

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85 Responses

  1. Lone Alpha Female Lexi says:

    it doesn’t seem like there is anyone here… So I guess I shall say this anyway..

    I am the one who helped Joey create all those name.. I asked not why, nor did i really question his judgement on what he was doing. He asked for my help so I gave it to him. I didn’t ask what he had planned to do or anything like that I just gave him the names.. If you wish to be angry with me go ahead.. I come back on occasion so you can yell at me when I do..

  2. Lone Alpha Female Lexi says:

    do whatever you wish.. I can harm no one now, nor will I ever.. People I know on this site are more like family than what I’ve known.. So say what you wish and do what you will…

  3. Suki Foxx says:

    You dont deserve to be yelled at

  4. Suki Foxx says:

    You deserve this (hugs Lexi) there

  5. Lone Alpha Female Lexi says:

    *smiles* thank you Suki…

  6. Lone Alpha Female Lexi says:

    others may not be as forgiving.. but that’s okay..

  7. Suki Foxx says:

    yes i know but treat others as you want to be treated

  8. Lone Alpha Female Lexi says:

    and i have treated no one with disrespect, nor where my intentions bad… I am here to help as I have been helped..

  9. Joey says:

    and I am sorry for all the trouble.

  10. Suki Foxx says:

    do not keep on repeating sorry for then it looses it the meaning and purpose

  11. Joey says:

    ok. lets forget the past.
    Its time for the future.

  12. Suki Foxx says:

    thats geting in the spirit

  13. Lone Alpha Female Lexi says:


  14. Hachina says:

    I’m not angry at yah at all XP

  15. Zakiya says:


  16. Lone Alpha Female Lexi says:

    lol.. wow… ^.^

  17. Sabre says:

    Hello everyone, I feel it is time to spread my love and wisedom once again(hope you don’t get bored XD) anyway one thing about this world, most of it is a trial, to prove to yourself what you are. In truth noone is evil, it is a fact, every soul is always pure, influence of your mind and from others can cloud it yes, and you may seem evil, you may even kill other innocents, but your soul and heart is always crying out for you to be pure once again, to become pure you must ask forgiveness of those around you once you have accepted what you have done, then forgive yourself for ever doubting your purity. I look at all of you and see pure souls, and a loving heart, nothing more. I look at some rather bad actions you have done and see an innocent clouded by his own mind. No matter how bad the action you always have the love from others, we all want to be pure and we want the best for others, so we give our love, it is our job as brothers and sisters, to help one another, for some of us that means simply letting them help themselves while giving your love, and for others it means digging in and pulling out the influence, either way the intent is the same, to help. So to get back on topic no matter what Joey, you have been forgiven long ago, we all have for our actions, it’s just a matter of you forgiving yourself, for that is who it really matters to. Lying may be bad, but a soul who has lost hope in himself is personally my worse nightmare, it is a fear worse than their own death, because they will be brought back as all souls will, however to see them suffering from their own view of themselves is true horror, even if they seem happy with who they are. You are only clouded, nothing can ever make you evil. So with that my brothers and sisters I leave you to your thoughts, comment on this if you wish, I appreciate any criticism good or bad 🙂 I love you all and wish the best for all of you.

    Be Well

  18. Lone Alpha Female Lexi says:

    lol.. as always Sabre appears out of nowhere with words of wisdom.. ^.^

  19. Joey says:

    thanks :’)
    that was nice thanks sabre, brother.

  20. Kaelie says:

    sabre is the most awesomeful person i know and the smartest 😀

  21. Joey says:

    kaelie!!! youre here.

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