steps for werewolf self control

How to be the bigger Wolf.

For the werewolves to put the history of how vampires and humans have singled out the werewolves as being the enemy behind them, the wolves will need self control…

Werewolves don’t necessarily have envy towards vampires, but sometimes they do towards the full blooded humans. The werewolves must put the history behind them in order to make a mutual friendship with the Vampires and humans.

Being the bigger wolf will be easier to do towards the humans; however, to look past the history and relationship the wolves have had with the vampires it will take more will power to accomplish.

The werewolves must work on their own personal powers to accomplish this task. Werewolves and Vampires can live together if the wolves dedicate themselves to improving their “self.”

Here are some tips for when you confront a Human or Vampire who dislikes and or belittles the werewolves:

  1. Be the bigger wolf. -Not literally, this is about attitude, don’t let them get to your nerves
  2. If they call you names smile back at them. – There are times when a Vampire and or human will call you a “furry drool machine,” when they do this act like you like it and smile back at them.
  3. Remember, when a Vampire picks on you it’s because they envy the werewolves, they are insecure.
  4. When provoked, take no action.- If they try to get your into a confrontation, don’t do it- walk away.
  5. Vampires spill rude comments more than blood because they are jealous of the werewolves- just keep that in mind.

Self-control is difficult for a wolf as we all know. Monthly occurrences are evidence of the trouble the Lycans have with their own self control. This only means that the Lycans already have experience and can master the art of self control easier than most, maybe even easier than humans.



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  1. Joey says:

    there it should change my pic.

  2. lee ann says:

    Im not going to interupt this little reunion because I Know im just going to act britchy.

  3. lee ann says:

    But can someone yell at me? just tell me how awful a person I am and what an awful mother I will make.

  4. Lone Alpha Female Lexi says:

    Lee Ann.. why would anyone tell you that? What’s going on?!

  5. lee ann says:

    Sigh…. Whats going on brings me more shame than anything before. But I suppose word will escape eventually.

  6. Lone Alpha Female Lexi says:

    You know you can talk to me Lee Ann… or Sabre even..

  7. lee ann says:

    Yes thank you lexi.

  8. Lone Alpha Female Lexi says:

    You’re always Welcome Lee Ann…

  9. lee ann says:


  10. lee ann says:

    What happened last night. in the spirit world is very simple now that I think about it…

  11. Lone Alpha Female Lexi says:

    hmm… what happened?

  12. lee ann says:

    Jeff… can you please tell her

  13. Lone Alpha Female Lexi says:

    is everything alright Lee Ann?

  14. Hachina says:

    Umm… Lexi, could you go on msn? The damn comment filters are preventing me from posting what happened… ><

  15. Hachina says:

    Well, here’s what happened… *sigh*

    This pi g named Tom spiritually dr uged Lee Ann unco nscious and then r ap ed her… Now she is pre gnant.. ugh

    (Da mn comment filters.. Sorry about that. ><)

  16. Lone Alpha Female Lexi says:

    *growls* i see..

  17. lee ann says:

    My head is hung in shame.

  18. Lone Alpha Female Lexi says:

    you’re head should not be hung in shame.. but his will be hung… or stabbed onto a stake for all others to see..

  19. lee ann says:

    Im going to go now. Everyone is mending here Im not about to ruin that.

  20. Lone Alpha Female Lexi says:

    Lee Ann… you don’t have to feel this way.. it’s not your fault…

  21. Lone Alpha Female Lexi says:

    *sighs* i can’t do anything to help if no one allows me to do so…

  22. lee ann says:

    Lexi you have a cellphone right? my internets down and i am on my cell using the internet. the connection wont let me see the recent posts. So Im going to be a hipocrite and do exactly what i advised angelwolf not to do all that time ago and put my number on the internet.

  23. Darlath Wolf of the East Wind says:

    Lee Ann i want to help you my sister.

    Can you write me an email or something, i could give you m ymobil number and we can talk over that way.

    I am here to help you in any way i can. Please contact me my loved sister.

  24. lone wolf says:

    anybody on…?

  25. moonchild says:


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