3 Steps to Self Control for werewolves

I saw a recent comment to werewolves encouraging them to learn self-control – to gain control over your emotions and desires.  This is a great piece of advice.  Werewolves need to learn the steps to self control so that they can function in the human world without revealing themselves for who they are.  It can be all too easy to reveal yourself by having your temper flare up at the wrong time, or losing your focus and shifting at the wrong time.  The result could mean humans hunting you…

Self control – learning to control your impulses and first instincts are extremely important to the werewolf.

1.  The first step in self-control is identifing where you lack control.  This can be a very difficult thing to do because it is not always easy to acknowledge where you may need help.  Pride and ego often get in the way trying to convince you you have no problem.  Set those two emotions aside and look really carefully inwards.  Identify the area you just can’t seem to handle.  If you cannot find it, seek the advise of someone close to you and knows that you’re a werewolf.  Those that know you also know the situations in which you lose your temper.

2.  Identify your trigger.  Now that you know where you lack self-control, what is triggering it?  Is it an action that you or someone else does that triggers it?  Is it a specific human, werewolf, or vampire?  What causes you to lose control??

3.  Once you’ve identified your trigger, take action through self-denial!  Break your habits! You know where you lose it, you know what causes it, the next step although the easiest to say is the hardest to do…take steps to change your reaction!  You must deny yourself the luxury of reacting how you want to.  Break the habits that cause you to lose control!

Understand that  you cannot live as a werewolf without  control.  There are too many dangers in today’s human world, and you can’t afford for yourself to be contributing as one of those dangers.



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193 Responses

  1. Lycanhope says:

    @Taylor: Mostly not, they’re mostly just kids. Did you have a question?

  2. Holly1300 says:

    Anger is my biggest problem cause there’s this one guy that makes me so mad beyond control I’ve lost control a couple times it’s hard for me to control my anger but somehow I still get away with stuff when I get angry at someone my first thought is to scratch them hard I’ve even growled at that guy I was staring at him an evil way wanted to hurt him so bad

  3. Holly1300 says:

    By the way I’m 15

  4. Dante says:

    for those of you who are commenting negatively towards others, need to keep it to them selves. I know for a damn fact that you were taught not to talk shit towards others, by your parent/guardians. You are being rude and disrespectful.

  5. Lycanhope says:

    @Dante: This is the Internet, they use that anonymity as a shield to excuse themselves of remorse or morals.
    They’ll say what they like, the smart people will say what they like too, and everyone else will just learn who to listen to and who to ignore.

  6. Lee Ann says:

    @Dante: Do you have something relevant to say or did you just come here to complain?

  7. ella says:

    This is actually really helpful so…… thznwho ever wrote this:)

  8. mia says:

    i really needed this so thanks to whoever wrote this article

    I’ve been dealing with this problem 4 years because i go to this school FULL of humans and i get annoyed really easily and once i got so annoyed that i shifted in the girls toilet but my friend rosa who is also a werewolf locked me in the cubicle untill i shifted back

  9. Christene says:

    Thankyou for all the info about control because I just found out today and I’m scared that I might do something that I will regret if I could meet anther pack of the dark it would be the best to be with one of my kind please help me more

  10. Christene says:

    I’m so scared that I am this creature and I liked the anime but now that I’m one of them so if I hurt someone or anything that i could regret . I would love to see some of my own pack from the dark or meet my own kind in person thank you for whoever made this article I’m a little bit relaxed about this thank you so much you havemy gatatude for life

  11. Jake says:

    Thanks this shood help

  12. Agie says:

    They are so helpful thanks to the one hu posted ths article

  13. alex says:

    ive learned to control it but i cant on the full moon how do i control it on the full moon

    • ana says:

      if any real werewolves that are here can help me i would be very greatful.

    • Tina says:

      Okay look do not fear what you will do or are going to in in wolf form dont worry do not be afraid of it embrace it control it and keep calm just remember that one person that you love the most and hold on to that thought while becoming the majestic and inteligent animal that you are also remember that person that you love the most and you will be fine alright did that help

  14. muttpup says:

    you must have an anchor something that makes your humanity come back

  15. asuka says:

    I know no one will believe me but I am a werewolf

    • Tina says:

      Dont worry I believe you Im a werewolf too dont be scared to show your true and and majestic self why because some are here fior you no matter what alright dont worry what people think just be yourself okay .

  16. asuka says:

    but I cant transform yet as I am only a pup but my fangs are coming out. we don’t turn into the horrible creatures you see on TV we turn into actual wolves

  17. Wolfy says:

    I howl every night, I growl when I get mad, I hurt all over, licking wounds heals them faster, WHAT TO DO? Am I a werewolf? The first time I ever heard a wolf howl was when I was 4 or 3 or 5. P.s. I curl up when I’m in bed to get comfortable.

  18. Beau says:

    Okay did anyone here become a werewolf (i dont mean werewolf as in part man part wolf for when they shift i mean werewolf as in a human that changes into the wolf as in animal wolf) with a spell? because i am looking to become one and its been my dream since i was 5-6 years old they fascinate me and its my main goal to become one, sadly when i was younger i tried a spell but it didnt work because the main thing you needed was…. belief but i started to lack belief because everyone at home and at school knew i thought i was one and i got bullied by my brother,my brothers friends and most of the people at school who i thought were my friends but i would love to prove them wrong and become on (when i say that i dont mean im gonna show them i am 1 ill just be one to prove them wrong) and i know i havent given up yet and i dont want to so if anyone here became one with a spell please link it to me! thank you<3………

    • Lycanhope says:

      Sorry, there is no spell. Trust me, I spent my entire childhood researching it.

  19. Alpha says:

    You have to be born a werewolf, being scrached, bitten, or drinking from the pawprint of a wolf dose nothing. Im sorry to have to tell you this but if you were not born a werewolf then you wont ever be a werewolf. No one has a choice, even if you dont want to be one. If we could turn people there would be a lot more werewolves. Also Lycanhope, you said you speny most of your childhood researching spells ro become a werewolf, are you not one?

    • Lycanhope says:

      Well since I was a kid, it didn’t occur to me that I was one, so my explanation for why I acted and thought the way I did was I wanted to be one, so I learned everything related to it. I only realised later on.

  20. Alpha says:

    Diddnt even think about that. Im stupid 🙂

    • Lycanhope says:

      Nah, not thinking about the stupidity of kids is perfectly normal, lol. The librarian was slightly concerned by my reading list though 😛

  21. Syra says:

    How can you know for sure that your a werewolf? I’ve been thinking I’m a werewolf but I don’t know how to prove it. I have all the Symptoms. Howling at the moon,growling at people, knows when it’s full moon, eye color changing, short temper, that kind of stuff so how can you know for sure that your a werewolf?

    • Shawn Rose says:

      I knew I was a wolf the first time I shifted. It was scary for sure, I lost my temper with one of my friends and things got heated, suddenly I felt sharp pains radiate throughout my entire body. It hurt like hell. After my first shift, I started noticing more things that I didn’t notice before. I was faster and stronger and had trouble controlling my emotions, anger being the hardest to control. I craved meat ALL the time and I had a strange pull to the full moon. I can shift whenever I want, like most wolves can, but I choose to on the full moon because the moon gives me more strength and power.
      My eyes change colors all the time, when I’m mad they turn black…they also turn black whenever I feel lust. Whenever I’m SUPER mad and the way I know I”m about to shift is I start to see red.
      If this ever happens and you have no exit strategy, find the nearest forest, woods, back alley, any place you can shift safely without anyone seeing you. You don’t want to be hunted by humans.
      Email me if you ever have any more questions.

  22. Shawn Rose says:

    How do I control myself around my family when they trigger me? No one knows but my blood sister because she is a witch and my parents don’t know that I was turned last year. I’ve growled at them but they’ve never noticed, sometimes I’ve almost shifted in front of them but ran away to the woods where I shifted and let my anger out there. I don’t want to hurt anyone, least of all my family.

  23. Sneaky the thief says:


  24. Need answers says:

    What age do you know if you are a werewolf??

  25. The peace guard says:


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