Super Bowl Sunday 2012 more than just football

Today is Super Bowl Sunday 2012  in the United States.  One of the best days of the year for super bowl occupies humanswerewolves! Second only to Halloween!  😉  Here are the reasons to love Super Bowl 2012, and even if you’re just not that into football.

1.  Perhaps the best and easiest reason to love the Super Bowl is that it occupies humans on a massive scale.  And I mean a MASSIVE scale…..almost all humans in the United States are occupied watching football!  Even if they can’t watch it on TV, they say that many humans will be watching the Super Bowl 2012 online.  Last year 111 million people watched the Super Bowl, and this year it’s predicted to be even higher – that’s more than half the United States population zoned out like zombies!  This means it’s an ideal time for a werewolf to be out unnoticed!  Second only to Halloween in opportunity, Super Bowl Sunday poses an excellent opportunity for werewolves to just be themselves.  In fact, even if a human did notice a werewolf in werewolf form, they’d just think it was part of the Super Bowl madness!!

2.  The full moon is only 2 days away!  The next full moon is on February 7 – 2 days from today.  What this means is that werewolves will feel their power building, and newer werewolves may even start some shifting.  The days leading up to the full moon are some of the best days of the month for the werewolf.  And the fact that you may feel shifting or the pull of the moon starting poses no problems with most humans occupied!!

3.  There is a Super Bowl ad that decimates the vampires!  Yes, perhaps – just perhaps – there is a werewolf up there with the suits at NBC, because one of the ads that will be airing is all about vampires.  In fact, it’s oddly anti-vampire!   Interestingly enough, one vampire inadvertently destroys all the other vampires.  Mere accident?  I think not!  Watch the Vampire Super Bowl Ad!

4.  And finally, it cannot go unmentioned that meat is big on the Super Bowl day.  And what werewolf doesn’t love meat?  In fact, wings are the most popular Super Bowl food…so chances are, even if you don’t like watching the Super Bowl, the food being served during it is a werewolf’s delight!



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3 Responses

  1. Panther says:

    Long time no see for this site, but I’m glad I’m back.

    As for the Super Bowl, I don’t like football at all. Sure, it’s fun to play with the neighborhood guys but it’s boring to watch on T.V. I prefer to be apart of the action. But I did pig out on wings and beefy nachos and hamburgers today, so it wasn’t all that bad. Not to mention I got a good laugh in thanks to the Anti-Vampire commercial.

  2. Onixe11 says:

    wow this is actually pretty smart, i dont really like football, now i know what to do during their games.

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