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Attack of the Werewolf

What a werewolf attack is like. You may have had a suspicion that you were being followed. That something was tracking you closely. But you weren’t certain.
When the little hairs on the back of your neck began to rise, you knew something was wrong. Something was very wrong. But you had no idea what you were in store for. That a creature you barely dreamed existed – a creature from the shadowy legends of yesterday – was about to make an appearance in your life. A werewolf. Who knows what you did to get the werewolf’s attention? But really, at this point, does it matter? You got the attention, and it wasn’t the good kind.

zombie vs werewolf 22

zombie vs werewolf

Would a zombie attack a werewolf? I think there is the strong possibility that they would not attack the werewolf, even if the werewolf was in human form…and they would definitely not attack the werewolf if he was in werewolf form. In...

Is the fear of werewolves justified? 13

Is the fear of werewolves justified?

People are afraid of werewolves not necessarily because they have encountered one, but mainly because of what they see in movies – the fearsome creature that attacks humans. Is this fear justified? Should humans be afraid of werewolves?? The truth is that...