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Why don’t humans believe in werewolves anymore? 25

Why don’t humans believe in werewolves anymore?

People simply do not believe without seeing anymore.  At one time this was not the case, but in today’s world…seeing is believing. You can credit the 24-7 media coverage for this phenomenon.  And it’s true – just about everything in any part...

what if the world believed in supernatural 6

what if the world believed?

I wonder what the world would be like if people believed in the mysterious, the unknown, the supernatural, or the incredible. If people believed that the world was more than just science and facts, would they be more likely to be accepting...

Human stuck in box 138

should you believe in werewolves?

The most common argument from people who do not believe in werewolves is the one that goes like this… “Do you physically transform into a werewolf? When the moon rises do you transform and have your claws and fangs and go around...