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Halloween Jokes 1

Halloween Jokes

If you don’t care so much for the scary halloween scares, how about a halloween laugh?! Here are 15 halloween jokes! Enjoy! 😀 Q. What is a mummy’s favorite type of music? A: Wrap music! Q: When is it bad luck to...

The werewolf familiar 3

The werewolf familiar

A familiar is an animal that embodies a supernatural spirit that aids a witch, demon, or magician in performing magic.  They act as both companions and servants, carrying out the needs and wishes of their master.  In the case of witches, the...

Timabaland New Song About Vampires 1

Timabaland New Song About Vampires

It’s another vampire song! I didn’t really realize the Timbaland song was about vampires until I saw the dancers floating in midair on the 2009 American Music Awards, then I started to wonder…could they be singing about vampires? A quick search showed...