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5 Classic Vampire Books for summer reading 0

5 Classic Vampire Books for summer reading

For anyone that is a fan of vampires, there are some basic vampire books that you must read – beyond Bram Stoker’s Dracula (which of course is a given, and should be on everyone’s list) – and beyond Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight series....


Dog World Book Review

“It’s their world now.” With these simple words, the novel Dog World by Jason McKinney opens, inviting you into a world where werewolves rule, and human civilization has fallen. Intrigued by this introduction, I dove into the book, and into McKinney’s world,...

wolf bead bookmark 4

Wolf “beaded” bookmark

Summer time is here! Many werewolf lovers will spend the HOT summer days reading a good book, and with a book you need a good bookmark! This bookmark has a beautiful glossy finish and an awesome beaded tassel. On the front is an...

Marvel: The Death of Dracula Comic #1 0

Marvel presents The Death of Dracula

Marvel is releasing a new -“EXTRA-SIZED”- Dracula comic book series, The Death of Dracula, what they say is to be “the biggest change in Marvel since Civil War.” Check out the just released preview of the much anticipated new Marvel comic book...

Twilight Newborn Vampire Book Free Online 5

Twilight Newborn Vampire Book Free Online

Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight saga is not over yet.  She is releasing another book in the Twilight world called The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner about a “Newborn Vampire”.  The story is set in the Twilight world and is from the point...

vampire books 10

vampire books

This is a list of some of the more popular best vampire books, including best sellers, and new books out there: Twilight – The Twilight series is one of the most popular series of vampire books – and – and added bonus...

Werewolf Guide To Life 12

Werewolf Guide To Life

We don’t find many books out there dedicated to werewolves – especially new books. But a new book scheduled to hit the shelves TOMORROW – September 15 – is not only dedicated to them, but provides a manual on day-to-day living as...

Werewolf stories 26

Werewolf stories

Learn about werewolves and read werewolf stories in our werewolf books section where you can read werewolf books and online!