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When the cold rolls in….

The cold is an unwelcome intruder to most humans, however to many werewolves it’s a welcome friend.  It’s not just that it drives humans inside, leaving the outdoors free from their never-ending presence (although that is a welcome gift for many werewolves),...

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Month of the Werewolf

October is month of the werewolf! With the passing of the fall equinox at the end of September, October, marks the first month that breaks from summer. The days start getting shorter and shorter, the nights stretch longer and longer, and more...

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Do werewolves like the cold?

Yes! In fact, most werewolves are naturally very warm, so the cold does not bother them that much. If you touch a werewolf in human form, they will feel warmer to the touch than you would expect a human to feel. In werewolf...