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vampire courses in colleges 1

Vampire college courses in universities grow in 2017!

There used to be a time when colleges and universities would not give vampires any attention in class. Vampires – the undead – were just too far out there for any academic to even mention the name! Much LESS focus an entire...

Vampire College Courses Spring/Winter 2015 2

Vampire College Courses Spring/Winter 2015

So you want to study vampires in college? Don’t worry, it is possible! A few years ago you could hardly find any college level courses covering creatures like vampires – now however, you’ll find them everywhere, from small colleges to larger universities!...

Zombie College Courses 2

Zombie College Courses

College courses are not all boring – a number of colleges are actually offering zombie classes!!  Looks like zombies aren’t just staying in the movies anymore! 🙂  Some of the classes I’ve discusses previously are still being offered, but there are also...