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5 things werewolves and vampires have in common 0

5 things werewolves and vampires have in common

1. Charisma Humans find both werewolves and vampires extremely charismatic. Whether or not the werewolf or vampire is physically attractive in the traditional sense, humans still find themselves drawn to their natural charm. This is in part by design, as the charisma...

how to be a werewolf 32

how to be a werewolf

First, the question is, are you looking for how to become a werewolf? If so, you might want to check out these werewolf facts, myths, and legends which give the most common methods as written in texts, stories, and manuscripts, of how...

Werewolf maxims 33

Werewolf maxims

Werewolf Maxim’s There are some general rules or basic principles that serve as s guideĀ for modern werewolves. What are some of these basic principles to living as a wolf? Obey your alpha Do not reveal the “wolf identity” to anybody. Keep track...