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Modernity eating away at a human experience 8

Modernity eating away at a human experience

One persons fantasy is another persons reality, the question is where do we draw the line, and who draws it? Humans have consistently throughout time created alternate “beings” and worlds within their society. Often times these “beings”  would play a major role...

vampire diversion 61

vampire diversion

Vampires are good at creating diversions or distractions away from their own threatening culture that is negative towards humans. Vampires spread viscous rumors and lies about werewolves in an attempt to throw off the balance of humans so that they themselves may...

Are werewolves real? 2,373

Are werewolves real?

YES. I am now convinced that werewolves exist or existed in some form and are real. Here’s my proof: In almost every ancient culture I look up, I find some reference to some kind of a dog-headed being or “werewolf”. For example,...