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Are humans reincarnated as wolves werewolves? 3

Are humans reincarnated as wolves werewolves?

Among those who believe in reincarnation, there are stories of humans reincarnated as wolves. For some reason, these types of reincarnations (because they involve both humans and wolves) sometimes result in the wolf being called a werewolf. But should they be? What...

Anubis 7

Werewolves of the past?

Why are werewolves usually associated with evil, or blood, or horror? Why would people suspect that an animal that might look like a dog or human dog be so evil and how did he get this reputation? To get some insight into...

History of the werewolf 13

History of the werewolf

Thought I’d just share some werewolf history and info on what I’ve found on how far back you can find references to werewolves. A 1978 book by Ian Woodward called THE WEREWOLF DELUSION: A fully documented, thoroughly researched investigation into the world of...