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Exactly how big can bats get? 0

Giant Bat

Mysterious giant bats larger than the size of humans are the things that you talk about at night to scare your friends.  But are these creatures real?  All around the world in different countries and different cultures, there are accounts of giant...

Wolf Quotes 1

Wolf Quotes

There are a number of wolf quotes that have become well-known proverbs and pieces of advice over the years and in different cultures. This is in part because the wolf is a very distinctive creature that possesses certain strong qualities….and these qualities...

Explanations for the existence of Werewolves 11

Explanations for the existence of Werewolves

We’ve talked alot about the historic origins of werewolves and how far back they date in different cultures, but a larger question remains, which is what caused the existence of werewolves to begin with? There are several possible explanations on why werewolves...