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eaten alive by anaconda 0

Giant Anaconda Snake Eats Man

It’s hard to believe that anyone would be eaten willingly, but there is actually someone that wanted to be the first to be eaten alive by a snake!! And he was going to do it on TV! It was promoted as a...

Werewolves the Dark Survivors 5

Werewolves the Dark Survivors

Animal Planet aired a TV special called Werewolves The Dark Survivors last year.  The show is a two hour special about werewolves from the point of view of a werewolf. The show does not have real werewolves in it, but rather is...

Huge fossil bug found – 8 feet long 0

Huge fossil bug found – 8 feet long

This was actually in the news this morning, but it really does fall into horror doesn’t it?  Scientists have actually found an EIGHT FOOT LONG fossil of a BUG!!  Actually, they found a fossilized claw of what they believe to be a...