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How to draw a wolf 2

How to draw a wolf

Here’s a pretty good video on how to draw a wolf. He takes you step by step through the process…I think I might even be able to draw one now! 🙂 Tips on what you’ll need: Good sharp pencil, clean pad of...

How to Draw A Vampire 0

How to Draw A Vampire

Here’s a pretty cool video on how to draw a vampire! The artist makes it look so easy – sketching out the face shape, then eyes, then filling in the details with fangs and the facial expression. It’s never been that easy...

tween wolf cartoon from grim adventures of billy and mandy 3

Werewolf Cartoon Tween Wolf

It’s Friday everyone! Yeah! Before you go to summer school, mall, work, store, or out anywhere, why not start your day (or end your day) with a cartooN?! A werewolf cartoon that is… 😉 Here you go…it’s Tween Wolf from the Grim...

Half Man Half Wolf 9

Half Man Half Wolf

Two halves completely different.  Wolf and human.  But humans have known for a very long time.  Humans have been drawing werewolves for thousands of years. If you’re not familiar with ancient Egyptian art, take another look.  The egyptians had a strong belief...

How to draw a werewolf 1,811

How to draw a werewolf

I found some step-by-step instructions on how to draw a werewolf here. It does seem a bit complicated still, but maybe it’ll give you some ideas and get you going in the right direction. My favorite of course is still the speed...

how to draw a werewolf 7

how to draw a werewolf

Draw a werewolf! I found this pretty cool video someone did on drawing a werewolf. They actually draw the werewolf as you watch, but it’s in fast motion, so you can see exactly how it’s done. Very neat.