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What do werewolves do? 25

What do werewolves do?

One question that I’ve seen come up now and again by the skeptical of werewolves is What do werewolves do? Werewolves do not do anything special.  They just are.  It would be the same as asking what do humans do?  Nothing either,...

werewolves exist? 93

werewolves exist?

Alot of the questions that we discuss are controversial.  Many humans seek answers on many of these questions.  In the real werewolf argument we posed some of the main questions, and we’ve gotten alot of good answers.  Taking a look at the...

Are werewolves real? 2,373

Are werewolves real?

YES. I am now convinced that werewolves exist or existed in some form and are real. Here’s my proof: In almost every ancient culture I look up, I find some reference to some kind of a dog-headed being or “werewolf”. For example,...