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where have all the werewolves gone? 30

where have all the werewolves gone?

Werewolves were so much more prevalent hundreds of years ago… so much so that people worshiped them. People feared them. People told stories about them at night. Some people wanted to be one. Others wanted no part of what they considered a...

Bigfoot is Real, DNA tests prove it! 4

Bigfoot is Real, DNA tests prove it!

A veterinarian who never believed in the existence of Bigfoot has discovered that bigfoot does indeed exist!  The vet – Melba S Ketchum,, has performed DNA testing on a variety of samples gathered from alleged bigfoot sights and has the DNA proof...

$10 million prize to find bigfoot! 1

$10 million prize to find bigfoot!

If you have concrete conclusive evidence of Bigfoot, you could become a multimillionaire!! A reality show on Spike TV is challenging adventurers to find bigfoot – and if they do and can provide the proof they’ll win a $10 million prize!  The...

Do werewolves exist? 153

Do werewolves exist?

There are many people that think that werewolves do exist, and there is much evidence that supports the belief. What tends to happen in modern day is that science and skepticism result in humans time and time again insisting that they don’t exist. Each person needs to analyze the evidence for him or herself and make a decision based upon that, not based upon what other say!

Thank you for loving i love werewolves!! 13

I Love Werewolves Turns 4 Today – Happy Birthday!

On this day 4 years ago, I Love Werewolves hatched its first post(*)! We’ve come a long way since then, and have brought many of our readers along for the journey. We’ve explored many topics in depth, and have had our agreements...

can wolves become werewolves? 12

can wolves become werewolves?

While there is no question that there is some kind of link between wolves and werewolves, the question that link sometimes leads to is,  is it possible for wolves to become werewolves the same way that humans can become werewolves? Humans becoming...

Explanations for the existence of Werewolves 11

Explanations for the existence of Werewolves

We’ve talked alot about the historic origins of werewolves and how far back they date in different cultures, but a larger question remains, which is what caused the existence of werewolves to begin with? There are several possible explanations on why werewolves...

Zombie Ants infected by fungus 39

Zombie Ants infected by fungus

Zombies exist.  Zombies are real.  Science has now proven it! There are many theories on how zombies are made – and much controversy on if they are in fact real.  For those who doubt in the existence of zombies – get ready...

Werewolf Community 103

Werewolf Community

Why does a werewolf community even exist? If werewolves are for the most part solitary creatures then why are there communities? And even those werewolves that are not solitary – that are part of a bigger pack – generally are part of...

What do werewolves do? 25

What do werewolves do?

One question that I’ve seen come up now and again by the skeptical of werewolves is What do werewolves do? Werewolves do not do anything special.  They just are.  It would be the same as asking what do humans do?  Nothing either,...