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Werewolf date music video

Here’s a music video from Man Man from the album Rabbit Habits featuring two werewolves falling in love! It’s like s short film and starts out with a guy and girl on a date…. “I’m not like other girls.” The girl says...

Werewolf Capacity for Love 33

Werewolf Capacity for Love

A werewolf’s heart has the capacity to love.  Werewolves are known to have fallen in love with humans, other werewolves, and even vampires. The problem is that because werewolves have such a difficult time with trust, it can often appear that they...

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werewolves imprinting?

Werewolf 967 talked about werewolves falling in love. One common question recently regarding this is do werewolves imprint? Imprinting in werewolves is not a true phenomenon. This is werewolf fiction. The term “imprinting” and its relationship to werewolves became very popular with...