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werewolves against vampires 553

werewolves against vampires

Somebody recently asked a very good question – are we on this site all werewolves against vampires? No! We are not. This site is about sharing information, providing support, and giving guidance to werewolves. Sometimes we do talk about vampires because of...

american werewolf in london 20

the stranger in the street

All werewolves are not completely covered in fur. Many look very similar to humans. They could be a friend, a neighbor, someone in your family. They could be a stranger you pass in the street. There are tell-tale signs, but most werewolves...

werewolves and vampires as friends 104

werewolves and vampires as friends

Werewolves and vampires have a legendary history of not getting along.  Part of it has to do with territory.  Both are very territorial.  Part of it also has to do with an ancient fued between the two.  Part of it also has...