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werewolf vampire tongue twisters for halloween 0

10 tongue twisters with werewolves and vampires!

A tongue twister is a sentence or phrase that is hard to say correctly – and in particular, even harder to say quickly and correctly! Below are 10 werewolf and vampire themed tongue twisters. Say them slowly, then try saying them as...

10 moon jokes 0

10 moon jokes

Looking for a smile or a laugh? Here are ten jokes about the moon to enjoy! Why does the Moon orbit the Earth? To get to the other side! What holds the moon up? Moonbeams!! Did you hear about the great new...

Halloween Jokes 1

Halloween Jokes

If you don’t care so much for the scary halloween scares, how about a halloween laugh?! Here are 15 halloween jokes! Enjoy! 😀 Q. What is a mummy’s favorite type of music? A: Wrap music! Q: When is it bad luck to...