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On the TV show Grimm they have a creature called a “Blutbad” which translates from German into “Blood Bath”. The Blutbad on Grimm is considered a “wolf-like creature”….essentially a werewolf! The blutbad is depicted as having fangs, having the ability to transform,...

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Morbach Monster: Werewolf in Wittlich Germany

Sightings of werewolves in the town of Wittlich, Germany, have gone on for hundreds of years, and there is one werewolf in particular that brings the fame.  The werewolf is famously known as the “Morbach Monster” (Monster Von Morbach), and is believed...

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Werwolf Der Wehrwolf

There are a few modern day comics and movies which hint at werewolves during World War II.  Most of these werwolf references do not refer to real werewolves, rather they refer to an actual real human troop which was established in Germany...