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good vs evil werewolf test 13

how to tell the difference between good and evil

How do you tell the difference between an evil werewolf and a “good” one is tricky because some werewolves can be quite sneaky. Some werewolves can trick you into making you think they are nice werewolves only to find out they are...

good werewolves 15

good werewolves

I don’t understand why people think that a werewolves fingernails grow at such a rapid pace. Every time I watch a movie with werewolves in it I almost always see the same thing, long ugly overgrown fingernails that grow in a matter...

werewolves hallucinate 107

werewolves hallucinate

First transformations are always the hardest. Let me elaborate on what happens if you can achieve a partial metamorphosis, and proceed to one of the stages of –metamorphosis. First, I trust in two types of transformations, and put them into two categories:...