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Gray Wolf may no longer be endangered?! 0

Gray Wolf may no longer be endangered?!

For over 30 years Gray Wolves have been federally protected in the United States.  If the United States government has its way – that will all change.  The US Fish and Wildlife Service has proposed removing the gray wolf from the endangered...

legend of the grey wolf 2

legend of the grey wolf

There is an old legend known as the Legend of the Grey Wolf that is well-known in ancient Turkish legends.  It has made the grey wolf an important symbol of the ancient Turks. Interestingly, the legend centers around half-human, half-wolves! The legend...

wolf and wolverine 5

Werewolf quarrel

In a quarrel between a wolverine and a huge grey wolf, who wins? At first you might think that the answer is clear – the wolf will win. But watching the video of the quarrel below, it is clear that the wolverine...