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Most Popular Halloween Costumes 2010 3

Most Popular Halloween Costumes 2010

Vampires, zombies, and….no, not werewolves, witches!!! The list of most popular halloween costumes this year is interesting…vampires, zombies, and witches all make the top ten! But no werewolves!! It’s interesting, but not too unexpected.  Humans are just so obsessed with vampires and...

kid wolfman costume


During the month of October many humans and werewolves will be on a search for costumes that better illustrate their love and passion for the wolves. Halloween costumes can be a pain to sort through especially when searching of a specific type...

Wizard Halloween beard 0

Wizard/Potter Halloween costume idea

I have another idea for your Halloween costume that wouldn’t involve too much, another Harry Potter movie character actually. The wizard beard is currently on sale as part of your accessories for the Halloween costume. The beard would have you fit in...