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Werewolf Sighting in Woodbridge Virginia 21

Werewolf Sighting in Woodbridge Virginia

Last week, reports came in of a werewolf sighting in Woodbridge, Virginia.  Is this a real werewolf sighting, a hoax related to halloween, or merely a sighting of some other animal? The Sighting According to InsideNova.com, a local resident reported sighting the...

october halloween werewolf 54

Month of the Werewolf

October is month of the werewolf! With the passing of the fall equinox at the end of September, October, marks the first month that breaks from summer. The days start getting shorter and shorter, the nights stretch longer and longer, and more...

vampire baby 4

Vampire Baby

Does the vampire baby exist? Traditionally, vampires are created by other vampires – and they typically create other vampires who are adults.  So how would a vampire baby even come into being?  There are 2 possibilities: 1.  The first possibility is that...

Origami Wolf 6

Origami Wolf

The origami werewolf can be complicated to make if you don’t have the correct instructions, as can the origami wolf.  There are a number of different designs you can use, but these origami wolf instructions are pretty simple and relatively uncomplicated to...

Most Popular Halloween Costumes 2010 3

Most Popular Halloween Costumes 2010

Vampires, zombies, and….no, not werewolves, witches!!! The list of most popular halloween costumes this year is interesting…vampires, zombies, and witches all make the top ten! But no werewolves!! It’s interesting, but not too unexpected.  Humans are just so obsessed with vampires and...

werewolves take over London Zoo this halloween! 22

werewolves take over London Zoo this halloween!

This Halloween, werewolves are taking over the ZSL London Zoo!!  The John Landis film An American Werewolf in London is being screened halloween night at the zoo.  This showing is particularly nice for fans of the movie as there is an actual...

Werewolf Movies In October 6

Werewolf Movies In October

Get the popcorn ready! Syfy (the Sci-Fi channel) is about to have a whole slew of movies about werewolves!  On October 9 and October 30 as part of their 31 days of halloween movies, they’ll be showing a bunch of werewolf movies...

Zombie Jokes 7

Zombie Jokes

Today just feel like a day for laughing. So, here are 10 zombie jokes to start your day off right! Zombie jokes! 1.  Do zombies eat popcorn with their fingers? No, they eat their fingers separately! 2.  Why did the zombie go...

american werewolf in london 18

Happy Halloween!

Werewolves go out and enjoy halloween! You are unlikely to be noticed today with all the costumes, masks, and craziness out there! So get out and have some fun! Happy halloween everybody!