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Mad King George not a werewolf 11

Is the Royal Family descended from a werewolf?

One of the ancestors of the current royal family of England could have been a werewolf?  So they would like to believe!  But it’s not quite true.  The ancestor in question was King George III (aka Mad King George) who reigned as...

werewolf purgatory 84

werewolf purgatory

There is a period before transformation where the weighted one will be caught in a purgatory. You will be caught in a state of extreme mental suffering, and at times physical pain. This purgatory is temporary and a rite of passage for...

Hallucinations during transformation 11

Hallucinations during transformation

Werewolf 967 makes a good point about werewolf hallucinations and transformations. The transformation sequence can be painful at first, and the mind reacts by trying to protect itself with hallucinations (a hallucination of course is the perception of something – be it...