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good vs evil werewolf test 14

how to tell the difference between good and evil

How do you tell the difference between an evil werewolf and a “good” one is tricky because some werewolves can be quite sneaky. Some werewolves can trick you into making you think they are nice werewolves only to find out they are...

3 Steps to Self Control for werewolves 197

3 Steps to Self Control for werewolves

I saw a recent comment to werewolves encouraging them to learn self-control – to gain control over your emotions and desires.  This is a great piece of advice.  Werewolves need to learn the steps to self control so that they can function...

Werewolves and Christmas 19

Werewolves and Christmas

Do werewolves celebrate Christmas? Werewolves have a human side to them, and do not lose that when they find out they are werewolves.  Many still celebrate the holidays and traditions they grew up on when they were humans.  If when they were...

werewolf costumes 1

werewolf costumes

Werewolf 967 made a good point that halloween is the time for werewolves to be themselves while humans strive to become other than what they are. This halloween in particular we will see many many more humans searching and trying to make...

Werewolf Guide To Life 12

Werewolf Guide To Life

We don’t find many books out there dedicated to werewolves – especially new books. But a new book scheduled to hit the shelves TOMORROW – September 15 – is not only dedicated to them, but provides a manual on day-to-day living as...

Bridge human-werewolf divide 213

Bridge human-werewolf divide

Werewolf 967 – In your last post, you indicate that werewolves will be torn between the world of werewolves and humans – this is true! But how to bridge that divide is the question? I think the longer one is a werewolf,...

Identifying a werewolf in human form 589

Identifying a werewolf in human form

Identification of a werewolf in human form is quite difficult, and there is no one way to tell. European legends reference some physical characteristics including distinctive heavy-set eyebrows, low-set ears, and curved nails. Many other legends around the world reference different traits...

how to draw a werewolf 7

how to draw a werewolf

Draw a werewolf! I found this pretty cool video someone did on drawing a werewolf. They actually draw the werewolf as you watch, but it’s in fast motion, so you can see exactly how it’s done. Very neat.

You can’t stop a werewolf 10

You can’t stop a werewolf

This is the point where you have to make a decision. To change, or not to change. There is one problem in your plan though; many think you can just change, transform upon will…this is not true. You only wish you had...

How to cure werewolf infections? 4

How to cure werewolf infections?

Werewolf 967, Thank you for your post on the female werewolf giving birth. I understand how this would be a very rare occurence to even happen. My next question is, if you are not a werewolf by birth, but rather someone who...