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Dracula 21

pictures of vampires

Pictures of vampires in movies and fiction have changed over time influencing how we believe vampires to be – evil, good, weak, strong, monsters – everything is described in the picture. Dracula Pictures of Vampires Some of the first images people used...

the werewolf image 72

the werewolf image

Not all werewolves are the same, each is part human and each have their own feelings, emotions, and thoughts that they react to. I believe that the issue involving the bad image of werewolves is taken by the humans who have the...

scary werewolf image 11

scary werewolf image

Looking for a scary werewolf? Most werewolves would not call themselves scary, most in fact think otherwise. But werewolves do understand that humans have a bad perspective on the werewolf image. They often think of werewolves as dangerous and just generally scary...