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the Brahmaparusha 0

the Brahmaparusha

In India, the Brahmaparusha is the name of a type of vampire that brings nightmares to those that know of them. Their appearance is much to blame, as it is said that they wear human intestines around their head! The grotesque display...

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Moonstone reunites lovers and transforms werewolves

Moonstone is a real gemstone that is believed to be able to assist in werewolf transformations! Yes, a rock that can help a werewolf transform! This is only one of its many powers – it is also said that moonstone can reunite lovers, help in spiritual healing, and possibly even help in fortune telling the future. Can a stone do all this? Ancient romans certainly thought so – and linked the stone very closely with the moon….and not surprisingly with werewolves as well! […] read more […]

Man-Eating Wolves in India 38

Man-Eating Wolves in India

In 1996 in Banbirpur, India (in the state of Uttar Pradesh) there was a rash of sightings of a pack of huge wolves attacking a local village.  The story was reported in newspapers at the time as “Man-Eating Wolves” attack small village...