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Great Vampire Movies 1

Great Vampire Movies

What makes a vampire movie great?  If you ask a human they might say the vampire should sparkle (Edward Cullen anyone?!).  If you ask a werewolf however, they might say that the vampire should be destroyed (Jerry the Vampire anyone!?). So which...

vampire baby 4

Vampire Baby

Does the vampire baby exist? Traditionally, vampires are created by other vampires – and they typically create other vampires who are adults.  So how would a vampire baby even come into being?  There are 2 possibilities: 1.  The first possibility is that...

vampire werewolf college classes 2

Take a Vampire College Class

This semester, when you enroll for your college courses, why not take a vampire college class?  The vampire craze has still not stopped, and universities and colleges are ramping up their studies of the creature – some of the best colleges in...