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werewolf wood panel picture 23

Werewolf woodcutting

The image below is from a 500 year old woodcutting by Lucas Cranach Starszy, an artist from the German Renaissance.  The central theme of the woodcutting focuses on what appears to be a man on his knees with what might be a...

werewolf movie 12

What werewolf movie are you talking about

How come whenever there is a movie in it that includes both werewolves and vampires, the movie is automatically dubbed a “vampire” movie? Take for example Twilight – the other day I tried to refer to it as a werewolf movie, and...

Eclipse “The Parking Lot” scene 0

Eclipse “The Parking Lot” scene

The Twilight Saga movie Eclipse “The Parking Lot” scene is the exclusive movie clip first aired on the MTV Movie Awards on June 6, 2010. The exclusive clip is released in anticipation of the June 30, 2010 release of the third installment of...