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werewolf kissing scenes 2

werewolf kissing scenes

Here are some kissing scenes from movies (and a TV series) featuring werewolves.  Usually when they have kissing scenes with werewolves in movies and shows it’s when the characters are in human form, and in the clips below that is indeed the...

werewolf man 4

werewolf man

The werewolf man can actually refer to a number of different things….what information are you looking for? 1.  Werewolf Man sometimes refers to Wolf Man – Often, when people use the term “werewolf man” it is in reference to the Wolf Man....

Frankenstein vs. the werewolf 4

Frankenstein vs. the werewolf

Before Jason Vs. Freddy, there was Frankenstein vs. the werewolf! It was actually called Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman – and it was a real movie matchup that Universal Studios put on the big screen in 1943! In the movie, the Wolfman (Lawrence...