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Cannibal Werewolves – jé-rouges of Haiti

In Haiti, there are superstitions of the Cannibal Werewolf. As the Haitian legends go, there are creatures called jé-rouges which are considered evil werewolf spirits who wreak havoc upon humans by turning them into cannibalistic werewolves! Sleeping mothers often get tricked by...

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creepy gnome sightings in argentina

A creature believed to only exist in legends and folklore caught on tape! A few years ago, a town in Argentina was having creepy gnome sightings. The town was General Guemes, Salta, Argentina, and some kids were out late one night and...

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Black Dog Superstitions

The Black Dog is a creature that has consistently – for centuries – shown up time and time again in the legends and folklore of Europe; it often appears as an apparition or ghost and signifies that Death is nearby. How To...