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werewolf love 127

werewolf love

I’m always surprised when I get this question, but it is a very popular question that comes in again and again.  Yes, werewolves can fall in love.  Remember, werewolves are part human, and almost anything that a human can do, a werewolf...

evil werewolves love humans 77

evil werewolves love humans

I know the change is hard, I know at times you think you have to hide it, I know it may be for the best if you do. If you can hide the curse than it may make you feel better -keep...

How to love a werewolf 16

How to love a werewolf

Buddy and Readers, Can evil be loved? In this world we are subject to evil all around us, it happens everyday, every hour, every minute, every time we turn around, it’s in an endless rotation of our lives yet we still seem...