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werewolf skyrim 1

werewolf skyrim

For those of you looking for a werewolf game to play, you can check out the Elder Scrolls role-playing games (made for XBox, XBox 360, and PlayStation 3). Although the game isn’t solely about werewolves, you’ll find werewolves starting in The Elder...

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cynocephaly – the dog heads

There’s lycanthropy, and then there’s Cynocephaly. Cynocephaly means having the head of a dog (or a jackal) and the body of a human. Cynocephaly is often depicted in ancient religious works and renderings. The most likely place you may have seen this...

Lycanthropy movie 0


The 2006 film Lycanthropy Watch the movie trailer below!

what are werewolves 6

what are werewolves

Every day werewolves live with who they are, but do humans really know what are werewolves? What legends say werewolves are… By most traditional accounts cited in myths and legends, werewolves are what are described as humans that have the ability to...

Boanthropy 7

Boanthropy – the werecow!

We’ve all heard of lycanthropy, but have you heard of boanthropy? Boanthropy is when someone believes that they are a bovine (cow, bison, buffalo, ox).  In other words –  if you were to ever meet a were-cow – you’d be meeting someone...

Therianthropy 38


Werewolf transformations are not the only kind of animal transformation believed in. The term that refers to human – animal metamorphosis is therianthropy. Lycanthropy is a form of therianthropy. The belief in therianthropes is not a modern-day belief, and is referenced throughout...

werewolves roam at night 155

werewolves roam at night

It would be something else to see a werewolf in the light of the day. The seemingly impossible transformation during the day is, by contrary belief, very possible. Werewolves by history and study of the recordings of werewolves have always been done...

Werewolf disease – lycanthropes and lycanthropy 10

Werewolf disease – lycanthropes and lycanthropy

Lycanthropy is a mental disorder where people believe that they are a wolf (or some other animal).  (Incidentally, the dictionary also defines lycanthropy as  – In folklore, the magical ability to assume the form and characteristics of a wolf.)  For those of...