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Black Werewolf The Beast Must Die 0

Black Werewolf

The movie Black Werewolf (aka The Beast Must Die), is a 1974 werewolf movie about a millionaire named Tom Newcliffe, a hunter.  He invites a group of 5 people over to his mansion because he believes that one of them is a...

Survival of the Dead movie poster 1

Survival of the Dead

Survival of the Dead is a Zombie movie created by George A. Romero for a May 2010 release date. The movie is to take place after the events that occurred in the Diary of the Dead which is another one of Romero’s...

30 Days of Night -Vampire Movie! 0

30 Days of Night -Vampire Movie!

Last night I finally saw the new vampire movie 30 Days of Night.  For those of you who have no idea what this movie is about, I’ll give you a brief synopses – it’s “based on a graphic novel” (which is really...